Indentation tests were provided with various applied loads and indentors’ profiles to determine the mechanical properties of selected HVOF coatings. The four well-known wear resistant coatings, WC-17%Co, Cr3C2-25%NiCr, NiCrSiB and AISI 316L, sprayed by TAFA JP-5000, were tested. Besides the common indentation tests (e.g. coatings surface hardness and microhardness), the indentation fracture toughness (IFT) and Young modulus of elasticity (E) were measured using Vickers and Knoops indentors profiles, resp. From the Vickers indentation results, the IFT was evaluated in terms of 18 models for KIc determination. The big differences between results of used models were found. For evaluation of E, the Knoop indentation in three different orientations was used. The measurement results show the anisotropic behavior of sprayed coatings. Based on the measured data, the relation between coatings properties with respect to the coating unique microstructure was proved.

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