Thermal spray coatings were deposited by the HVOF technique using two grades of WC-VC-Co powders (WC- 10VC-12Co and WC-10VC-17Co), produced by agglomeration and sintering, from WC, VC and Co starting powders. The coatings were sprayed by a commercial enterprise producing WC-Co thermal spray coatings, using the same spray parameters as for WC-Co coatings. This paper presents results from the characterization of the powders as well as the results of abrasion and erosion tests performed under identical conditions on the new WCVC- Co coatings and on standard WC-Co coatings of equal cobalt content. Under many conditions, the WC-VC-Co coatings performed better than the standard coatings, despite their deposition conditions not having been optimized.

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