Within the equilibrium approach, thermophysical foundations were developed which allow one to predict the dynamics of simultaneous deformation and solidification of a metal – oxide droplet impinging on a substrate, with due allowance for conjugated heat transfer under conditions of an ideal contact between the solidifying layer and the base surface. A representative collection of the alumina and YSZ splats was obtained under full control of key physical parameters (KPPs): temperature – Tp0, velocity – up0, and size – Dp, of particle, and temperature –Tb0, of a polished substrate. Without introducing any empirical coefficient, it was obtained quite a satisfactory agreement between the predicted and measured thickness and diameter of splats. In the present paper a comparison of a new solution with known dependences of different authors is carried out. Multiparameter calculations of the YSZ splats characteristics (diameter of splats, rate of cooling and solidification of melt, density of heat flux into substrate, etc.) in a wide range of the KPPs under molten droplets impacted with substrates were carried out.

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