This report presents results of a new technology that looks promising to apply high quality corrosion resistant coatings in limited special areas. This technology could minimize or eliminate maintenance activities experienced today with existing corrosion preservation management systems. Four passivation coatings (aluminum, zinc, 85Zn- 15Al, and 55Al-45Zn) were deposited and evaluated using the Cold Spray process. The composite powders were not chemically alloyed but mixed by weight percent (powder alloyed) to prepare the composite mixture. Each coating was deposited with both nitrogen and helium gas. Deposition efficiency measurements were made for each powder/gas combination. Coatings were applied to DH-36 steel specimens and analyzed for quality of the bond line between the coating and substrate, porosity, bond strength, weight percent of metal constituents resident in the composite coatings, and integrity of the coating after 1000 hours of exposure to accelerated salt spray testing. Cold sprayed results are compared with specimens sprayed with aluminum using the flame sprayed process. Cost comparisons are made for depositing the various powders using both Cold Spray and flame spray processes.

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