Kinetic spraying process that is basically a solid-state deposition process was used for the formation of a fully amorphous coating. As the application of pre-heating system for the powder carrier gas and using Helium for the process gas, it was possible to form of amorphous coating. Main process parameters evaluated in this study were gas species[N2 and He]and pre-heating temperature[RT(below Tg) and 550 (liquid metallic region)] for carrier gas. Aside from empirical approach, in-flight particle velocity within kinetic spraying process was measured with spray-watch- 2i. The deposition behaviors of a NiTiZrSiSn bulk amorphous powder were observed when it was sprayed using kinetic spraying process. When the bulk amorphous feedstock material was coated, both kinetic energy and thermal energy of the in-flight particle are important. The former did affect on the deposition of the bulk amorphous coating, while the later did more affect on mechanical properties of coating. Particle deposition behaviors were considered from the viewpoint of the environmental effect such as particle energy combination on the deposition behaviors. The bonding of the impacting NiTiZrSiSn bulk amorphous particle was primarily dependent on the temperature dependent deformation and fracture(local liquid drop formation) behavior.

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