The BSCCO thin film fabricated by using the layer by layer deposition method was compared with the BSCCO thin film fabricated by using the evaporation method. Reevaporation in the form of Bi atoms or Bi2O3 molecules easily bring out the deficiency of Bi atoms in thin film due to the long sputtering time of the layer by layer deposition. On the other hand, the respective atom numbers corresponding to BSCCO phase is concurrently supplied on the film surface in the evaporation deposition process and leads to BSCCO phase formation. Also, it is cofirmed that by optimizing the deposition condition, each single phase of the Bi2201 phase and the Bi2212 phase can be fabricated, the sticking coefficient of Bi element is clearly related to the changing of substrate temperature and the formation of the Bi2212 phase.

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