The use of thermally sprayed coatings to improve wear and corrosion resistance of industrial components has been found to be an effective and viable choice. Coatings based on several materials can be used for such applications, including situations when they are combined, using distinct deposition methods. The analysis for choice of the ideal coating and application process should generally take into account both coating performance and cost. In this work a comparative study of three commercial coating materials is performed. The used coating materials are High Chromium (HCr), High Chromium + 420 Stainless Steel and 420 Stainless Steel + 1080 Carbon Steel wires applied by Electric Wire Arc Spaying. The obtained coatings are tested for wear (ASTM-G-65-91 rubber wheel test) and corrosion (ANSI/ASTM-B117 and Electrochemical Measurements). Coatings microstructure, microhardness and adhesion (ASTM-C633-85) are also evaluated.

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