In this paper, the quality control in plasma spraying of chromium oxide ceramic coating on large area substrate is studied. This paper consists of three parts. Firstly, basic technical parameters are studied, for example, electric current, voltage, gas, powder, and spray distance. Secondly, the effect of dust from the spraying process on the coating quality is studied. Finally, the character of chromium oxide coating is researched. The results show that the dust from the spraying process greatly affects the coating quality. The effect of the following variables is examined: spray parameters, the powder size and distribution, and the substrate size. We have designed a set equipment to control the coating quality and the result was excellent. Now the equipment has been used in the production of anilox rollers and the patent has been applied. Meanwhile, we have devised a standard to determine the quality when spraying ceramic coating on large area substrate. The method has proved useful and efficient. Abstract only; no full-text paper available.

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