A novel thermal plasma process, based on inductively coupled plasma torch is employed for producing nano-sized calcium phosphate powders from spray-dried hydroxyapatite (HA) feedstock. The phases during plasma process of HA feedstock under different working conditions have been studied. It is revealed that amorphous calcium phosphate is predominant in the nano-sized powders. HA, α-TCP and CaO are also detected in the nano-sized powders. After heat treatment at 800 °C in air, β-Ca2P2O7 (β-DCP) and HA are found to dominate in the powders. The presence of β-DCP is attributed to the HA feedstock directly decomposed into DCP in the plasma flame, and this phase formed amorphous calcium phosphates region by the rapid quenching process. This region crystallized into β-DCP after heat treatment.

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