In order to clarify the flattening process of the high-temperature and high-speed droplet due to its impact on the substrate in an atomic level, several three-dimensional molecular dynamics simulations were conducted. The droplet and the substrate were assumed to consist of pure aluminum, and Morse potential was postulated between a pair of aluminum atoms. By visualizing the analytical result, the processes of melting and solidification, temperature distribution, deformation velocity and shape of the droplet were clarified. As a result, following conclusions were obtained: (1) The transfer of the droplet atoms to the horizontal direction in flattening process increases in proportion to the horizontal distance from the central axis of the droplet. (2) The solidification of the droplet starts from the outside edge of the droplet, and finishes as the flattening ratio increases. Such solidification behavior is different from the results analyzed with a continuum model on the assumption that the flattening finishes when the half volume of the droplet solidifies.

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