This paper presents a method to increase deposition rate of thermal plasma spray operations through the use of multiple injection ports. Numerical simulations indeed revealed a major energy loss in the process when using only one port. The influence of the carrier gas and the particle stream on the heat flow coming from the plasma torch was found very local and small compared to the total amount of energy. To take as much as possible advantage of the energy available in the plume, we thus propose to use a multiple number of injectors around the flame. Computational simulations are carried out to estimate the feasibility. They are based on the 3D Navier-Stokes equations coupled with a turbulence model. The gases (plasma gas, surrounding air and carrier gas) are supposed to be in local thermal and chemical equilibrium and loading effects are accounted for. The numerical results are supplemented by experimental results showing that multiple injectors can significantly increase deposition rate while preserving or even slightly improving the deposition efficiency. Characterisation of the microstructure, evaluated for all tests, is similar and no obvious differences can be detected apart from the porosity. This method thus results in a substantial reduction of the production cost.

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