Thermal plasma CVD is hoped to be made fit for practical use because this process is the process which can fabricate precisely structure and component controlled coatings. Especially, TPCVD will be used in the industrial fields where thermal spraying has been used so far since TPCVD come to be studied under an atmospheric environment recently. However, TPCVD coatings fabricated under an atmospheric environment is porous and brittle. So that, TPCVD has been mostly carried out under a low pressure environment and high equipment cost has been demanded. As for the method to solve this problem, according to the report on a gas-deposition process, improvement of the jet flow is thought to be useful. Therefore, in this study, in order to obtain dense and rigid film by TPCVD under an atmospheric environment, Dense oxide coating deposition by High velocity TPCVD utilizing boiling of metal alkoxide was carried out. Consequently, though only brittle coating was deposited on the condition without boiling of metal alkoxide, dense and rigid coating was deposited even under an atmospheric environment on the condition with boiling. From this result, TPCVD was found to have high potential for rapid deposition of dense and rigid coatings.

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