In this paper the point of view for the industrial coating manufacturing is presented. The perspective for industrial manufacturing of thermal spray coatings and facts that effect on the processibility of coatings in real life is often requested but seldom published. The perspective is from Pikoteknik Oy, which has a wide and long-term experience in the improvement and repair of machine parts in-situ, containing measurements, machining, coating and balancing of rolls and cylinders. Pikoteknik Oy is able to perform maintenance of paper cylinders on-site including pretreatments, thermal spraying and balancing quickly and skillfully. Due to their versatile state-of-the-art equipment, they are able to work flexibly on-site. To be able to operate on-site there are special demands for equipment, personnel and scheduling. The quality of the final product is in the hands of operator. Destructive testing is not possible to carry out and large amount of variables, such as moisture and positioning of equipment's exist. Grinding and grit blasting must carry out without dust formation due to the surrounding bearings and sensors. Large amount of experience and special knowledge is needed to be able to produce high quality coatings over paper cylinders.

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