The phase transformation and reaction of ZrO2-CaO- ZrSiO4 and ZrO2-Y2O3-ZrSiO4 coatings with manganese oxide at 1273 K were investigated using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). SiO2 phase formed in the coatings, which was from the ZrSiO4 decomposed and easy react with manganese oxide or CaO. SiO2 has precedence over react with CaO than manganese oxides for ZrO2-CaO-ZrSiO4 coatings, and which result in to promote t-m phase transformation. On the contrary, the reaction between SiO2 and MnO is primary for the ZrO2-Y2O3-ZrSiO4 coatings and result in the damage or exfoliation on the surface of the coatings.

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