Plasma spraying at low pressure conditions (LPPS) is a well established thermal spray process with a broad variety of important applications in different industrial segments. The operating conditions for LPPS processes can vary in a wide range from only a few mbar up to typically 200 mbar which imposes different characteristics of the corresponding spray conditions and resulting coating properties. Thermal spray processes have been approved being suitable for integrated fabrication of various layers for SOFC components. Depending on the process conditions, different layers used as functional coatings of SOFC components such as dense electrolyte layers as well as porous electrodes can be realized using the LPPS technology. Due to the flexibility of these processes, an optimized performance of the application on different target materials and geometries is possible with an increased technological and economical benefit compared to conventional thermal spray techniques. This paper presents an overview on the general potential and spray conditions of the LPPS process and its application for the deposition of various functional layers such as electrolyte and electrodes for SOFC components.

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