The purpose of this work is to optimise the chemical composition of perovskite coatings prepared by injecting a suspension of submicrometric LaMnO3 perovskite particles (d50 =~ 1 µm) in a direct current (d.c.) plasma jet. The perovskite powder composition, the particle size and the plasma parameters were modified in order to diminish the manganese evaporation. The process consists in mechanically injecting a well dispersed stable suspension of submicrometric perovskite particles in a dc plasma jet. In the process, large suspension droplets (~300 µm) are sheared into tiny ones (a few µm) by the plasma jet flow. Then the solvent is evaporated and the particles melt resulting in perovskite droplets of about 1 µm impacting on the substrate, the coating resulting from their layering. Such coatings are to be used as cathodes for the SOFCs (Solid Oxide Fuel Cells). Best results were obtained by injecting a stable suspension containing a 10 mol% MnO2 doped perovskite powder with 3 µm particle size in an Ar plasma forming gas and 300 A of current intensity.

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