HVOF-, arc- and plasma sprayed coatings are widely used for wear protection. Today these type of layers are dominant if thin coatings from 50 up to 500 µm and low heat input into the work piece are required. The main disadvantage of thermally sprayed coatings is the adhesion to the substrate and the early failure when cyclic loaded. In both cases a metallurgical bonding to the substrate can improve the life cycle time. Plasma transferred arc (PTA) welded coatings show a metallurgical bonding to the substrate. The main disadvantages of this coating technology are the dilution of about 5%, the heat input into the substrate and that nowadays all welding positions seem to be impossible to carry out. In this paper the theoretical background for welding thin coatings (less than 500 µm) with a decreased dilution and in all welding positions is given and experimentally proved.

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