Improved HVOF spraying with a gas shroud has been developed to fabricate environmental barrier coatings of corrosion resistant alloys such as HastelloyC. For such coatings, control of oxidation of the powder material during spraying is very important and the gas shroud has been effective to lower oxygen content to 0.19mass%. In the present study, further reduction of oxygen content to 0.063mass% was achieved by changing the composition of combustion gas by introducing nitrogen into the combustion chamber. This value is almost comparable to the oxygen content 0.042mass% of the feedstock powder but the porosity of the coating increased. Introduction of nitrogen to the combustion chamber lowered the temperature of the spray particles in flight while maintaining their high velocity. Another coating with 0.14mass% was obtained with open porosity below 0.1vol% by changing the mixing ratio of nitrogen, which exhibited improved environmental barrier property in artificial seawater.

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