In our earlier studies we reported the excellent steam oxidation resistance of 50Ni-50Cr coatings produced by high velocity oxyfuel (HVOF) spray process. The coating produced by atmospheric plasma spray (APS) for the thickness of 40 µm yielded the scale incorporation into the coating structure on the steam oxidation due to its porous structure compared to HVOF process. The steam could penetrate into the pores and resulted in the scale initiation at the coating-substrate interface. To improve the steam oxidation resistance of the coating, thick coatings (~450 µm) of 50Ni-50Cr with sealant layer were tested in the steam. The sealant layer was applied to fill the pores produced by the APS process. The results showed that the thick coating of 50Ni-50Cr with sealant was able to protect against the steam oxidation till 3000 hours of tested duration.

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