The high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) combustion spray technique has been shown previously to be an excellent solution for depositing crystalline matrix nano-reinforced polymer coatings. Dense polymer coatings can be produced by controlling both the particle dwell time in the HVOF jet and through substrate thermal management. In composite materials, it is often desirable to incorporate the maximum amount of reinforcing material into the polymer matrix to achieve optimum mechanical properties. The experiments described here were performed to determine the maximum amount of different scales of silica particles that could be incorporated into a nylon 11 matrix and the time required to do so. Ashing results indicated a maximum amount of silica that can be incorporated. Also, the maximum level of silica incorporation occurs in a shorter time than previously believed. Microscopy, however, indicated that other physical changes continued to occur within the powders when ball milling was allowed to continue beyond this time.

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