The low temperature characteristic of cold spraying makes it possible to deposit the coating of temperature sensitive materials, such as nanostructured material, without any significant change in the microstructure of feedstock. In the present study, the Fe and Si powders of particle size less than 75 µm were mixed at a composition of 10wt%Si and ball-milled to produce the nanostructured feedstock. Cold spraying process was used to deposit coating with nitrogen as a driving gas at different temperatures. The microstructure of the as-sprayed nanostructured Fe-Si coating was characterized using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The grain sizes of the feedstock and as-sprayed coating were estimated based on X-ray diffraction analysis. The results showed that the nanostructured Fe-Si coating can be deposited by cold spraying using the ball-milled powders as feedstock. The as-sprayed coating presented a dense microstructure. The average grain size of the as-sprayed coating was comparable to that of the corresponding milled feedstock. No significant effect of the temperature of driving gas on the microstructure of cold-sprayed nanostructured Fe-Si coating was recognized. Moreover, TEM analysis showed that the amorphous phase was present in the as-milled powders and the as-sprayed coating along with the nanocrystalline.

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