Cold spray is an effective technique to deposit pure metallic coatings on a variety of substrates. 1100 series aluminum-based coating has been deposited on similar aluminum substrate by cold spray technique using helium and a mixture of helium and nitrogen as powder carrying gases. The microstructural features of the coating were analyzed using optical micrography, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Microhardness depth profiles. The electrochemical behavior of the materials was studied using 0.5 N H2SO4 as electrolyte. Tafel extrapolation experiments were carried out in order to calculate the corrosion rate, corrosion potential and the Tafel slopes, whereas, potentiodynamic polarization experiments were performed to understand the passivation behavior of the material under the experimental conditions. The electrochemical studies validate the use of cold sprayed aluminum coating for corrosion protection applications. SEM characterization of the coatings was also performed after the electrochemical experiments.

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