Pb-Sn alloys tend to form string-like abrasion products during compressor operations, and the products cause malfunctions at the down streams of the seals and may affect the operation efficiency of the compressors. In this article, a thermal spraying method is developed for forming an abradable labyrinth seal of powdered abradable alloys to cope with the problems for improving the product quality and the operation life of the compressors. The article evaluates the abradable properties of the thermal sprayed coating labyrinth seals of the RIK-type compressors that have higher rotational speed than the other type. Various abradable properties of the sprayed coating are tested by the following test methods: microstructure observation, bond strength, machinability, bending ductility, and corrosion resistance. The article reports the results obtained from these test methods and compares them with those of the cast alloy.

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