The use of diamond-impregnated tools for the machining of any type of building material or natural stone is an established technology. Sintering and brazing are the key manufacturing technologies. The restricted flexibility of the geometry variation, the absence of the repair possibilities of damaged tool surfaces as well as difficulties in controlling the materials interfaces are some drawbacks. Therefore, manufacturing diamond tools through new technology concepts are required not only to avoid these restrictions mentioned but also to enhance the tools properties. In particular, thermal spraying technologies can act as a potential problem solver due to their special technological properties. Especially the new high-speed technologies such as the detonation-gun and high velocity oxygen fuel thermal spraying are promising approaches. Through these technologies, it is possible to control the kinetic energies of the diamond particles as well as their temperature during coating. In this report, a novel manufacturing technology of the diamond-impregnated tools based on these high-speed thermal spraying technologies will be reported. The layer properties will be evaluated with respect to the diamond quality after coating and with respect to the properties of the diamond composite coatings. Diamond spraying efficiency, diamond distribution in the layer as well as diamond-metal binder-interaction are analysed.

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