The aim of this paper is to compare the impact of plasma deposition processes onto Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) electrolytes’ properties. Indeed, physical properties and microstructure of plasma sprayed coatings depend on the in-flight treatment of the particles in the plasma jet. Investigations of the relationships between spraying conditions and the in-flight properties of the particles upon impact for Air Plasma Spraying (APS) and Vacuum Plasma Spraying (VPS) were carried out using a MacLean & Anderson design of experiment. The In-flight particle properties were determined using the DPV 2000. For each type of plasma spraying process, coatings were elaborated with optimized plasma spraying conditions that allowed reaching the highest particle velocity upon impact keeping the highest temperature as possible. Coatings properties were then, evaluated by SEM and impedance spectroscopy.

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