In order to improve the efficiency of gas turbines, thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) have been applied to components in the hot sections of advanced gas turbines. During service, thermally grown oxide (TGO), which consists of an Al2O3 layer and a mixed oxide layer, forms at the interface between the top coating and bond coating. It is supposed that the reason for failures of TBCs, such as cracking, delamination or spalling, is due to decreased bond strength caused by TGO growth or due to the formation of stress concentration sites caused by porosities in the mixed oxide. In this study, to inhibit the growth of TGO, plasma sprayed CoNiCrAlY bond coating was remelted with a YAG laser prior to spraying the top coating. A thin Al2O3 layer formed at the top coating/bond coating interface, and the formation of porous mixed oxide during thermal aging tests was inhibited. Four-point bending tests showed that the bond strength of TBC with remelted CoNiCrAlY was superior to standard TBC.

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