Particulate erosion tests were conducted on coatings of heat/wear resistant materials (Cr3C2-NiCr (HVOF), Fe-Cr–Mn-B-Si (Arc spray), Fe-Cr-B-Si (HVOF)) and comparing materials (stainless steel, carbon steel). The erosion test was given under comparatively mild test conditions such as catalyst impinging in consideration of actual plants. In the previous paper, the particle erosion mechanism on using angular particulate erodent has been conjectured that it was similar to a cutting phenomenon of grinding process between the particle and surfaces with plastic/elastic properties. As the shape of erodent is an important factor as well as hardness of erodent and surfaces, the particulate erosion properties were investigated using three types erodent (angular/spherical silica and angular alumina). The materials of erodent were selected commercially available silica-filler and alumina grit. The erosion wastage depends on the shape and hardness of the particles. We considered the erosion mechanism of thermally sprayed coatings and metal materials depending on the shape and hardness of erodent.

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