Wear and friction properties of aluminium titanate, zirconium silicate and magnesium zirconate atmospheric plasma sprayed ceramic (APS) coatings in contact with 100Cr6 steel were investigated under dry sliding conditions as a function of high temperature. The tribological tests were performed at different temperatures varying from 20 °C up to 800 °C using an High Temperature Ball on Disk Tribometer. The wear scar diameters of the 100Cr6 steel ball were measured by optical micrograph. The cross sections of the worn ceramic coated disks were determined with a Laser Profilometer. Results show that as a result of the higher temperature (up to 400 °C), the material yields more readily (softening effects ) and so adhesion is the dominant wear mechanism. For hybrid bearing, operating temperature of about of 200 °C must therefore be avoided.

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