With lightning speed, the thermal spray process cold spraying established itself as a viable coating technology. Due to such properties as dense, oxide-free coatings, a multitude of new applications now present themselves which, up to now, were not feasible using traditional processes. With the targeted and process-oriented groundwork of the competence group and the manufacturer of cold spray equipment, together with a gas company the equipment engineering for cold spraying has reached an extremely high technological level, facilitating an efficient operation with a tremendous process reliability. This work has, of course, involved extensive long-term testing of such components as the nozzle and gas heater. In the same way, by successfully adapting spray materials, cold spray coatings can now be applied in many new fields and technologies. Practical solutions are already available in the automotive and electronics industries. The constant encounter with new applications for which cold spraying can provide solutions, demonstrates that a new era of thermal spraying in all branches of industry has begun.

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