Advanced TiC-based spray powders contain molybdenum and nitrogen as alloying elements and consist of core-rim-structured (Ti,Mo)(C,N) hard phases embedded in Ni, Co or mixed Ni/Co binder phases. For the investigations of the present study, four powders with binder phase contents of 29 and 39 mass-%, corresponding to about 20 and 27 vol.-%, respectively, were prepared by agglomeration and sintering. Coating samples were sprayed using JP-5000 equipment and two spray parameter sets. During coating characterization, special emphasis was placed on the changes in chemical (carbon loss and oxygen uptake) and phase compositions during spraying and their correlation to the coating microstructures and properties. It was found that the decreases in carbon and nitrogen contents were practically independent of the spray parameters for all of the four powders, whereas the oxygen uptake was different for each of the powders. The effect of the oxygen content on different coating properties is discussed in detail. All coatings investigated in this work showed excellent properties. It is anticipated that TiC-based coatings sprayed from these types of advanced powders can complement thermal spray coating solutions based on WC and Cr3C2.

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