HVOF-sprayed coatings have become increasingly important for many different industries. Because of this, the ability to adjust coating process parameters according to a customer’s demands becomes a necessity. Several studies have been done on various powders, spray parameters, and the resulting coating properties such as coating hardness, wear resistance, and internal stress. On the other hand few studies have been published regarding post-treatment and finishing processes. This study is intended to investigate the entire production process, from thermal spraying to the ready-to-use finished layer; the primary points of consideration were hardness, surface quality (roughness), and resulting microstructure. The scope of this study is to present initial results of cylindrical grinding as a finishing process. Several different tungsten-carbide-based coatings of various compositions and particles sizes were produced by thermal spraying under varying kerosene-oxygen flow, spray distance, and powder feed rates. Machining parameters such as speed of workpiece rotation and longitudinal feed rate were tested as well.

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