A new class of composite powders for thermal spray on the base of recycled hardmetal powder is proposed. WC-Co hardmetal powder that is either alloyed/mixed, coated, agglomerated or cladded with binder metal - cobalt enhances the technological properties of spraying powders and enables the producing of sprayed composite coatings with double-cemented structure. The manufacturing technology of WCCo/Co composite powders composed of mixing, agglomerating, sintering and crushing was studied and characteristics of the produced spray powders by particle size, morphology of particles and specific surface area were evaluated. The experiments for deposition of coatings by high velocity spraying processes (HVS), detonation gun (DG) spraying and High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) spraying were carried out. Comparison abrasive erosion wear tests of sprayed coatings were performed.

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