The rapid emergence of cold spray technology provides numerous applications that require spraying fine (<10 microns) powders, providing more uniform deposition, improved measurement of deposition efficiency and quick turn around time. The performance of high-pressure commercial powder feeders, currently available, lacks one or more of these desired performance characteristics. Further, researchers are interested in spraying many powders of different materials or particle size distributions where the powder feeder can be quickly and easily cleaned without replacing expensive consumables. The Ktech laboratory powder feeder has been designed to operate under a wide variety of carrier gas pressures (0 – 500 psig). This laboratory feeder delivers a continuous flow of powder, has a variable canister volume and is quick and easy to clean. This unique design facilitates short run research applications or higher volume extended run time dispensing. The feeder is designed to operate in either a locally or remotely through a PC based Ethernet connection. The laboratory powder feeder represents an excellent tool for high-pressure cold spray or low-pressure thermal spray processes requiring the delivery of fine powders.

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