HVOF coatings of 80Ni-20Cr and 50Ni-50Cr powders were carried out on 9Cr-1Mo steel substrate. The coating thickness was around 60 µm. The coated specimens were steam oxidized in four different temperatures, ranging from 600 to 750°C. The steam oxidized specimens were taken out from the chamber at 10, 100 and 1000 hours to examine their protectiveness against scale growth. X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope and electron probe microanalysis were carried out on the steam-oxidized specimens in reference with as-coated conditions. Both 80Ni- 20Cr and 50Ni-50Cr coatings show neither scale growth at the interface nor de-lamination in the coating structure. Fe, and Ni diffusion was found in the case of 80Ni-20Cr coatings. The diffusion increased with increase in the temperature and test duration. On the other hand, 50Ni-50Cr coatings, showed an excellent performance in all tested temperatures. The effect of Cr content in the coating, change in phase and compound formation during oxidation, and their influence on the diffusion process will be discussed in detail.

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