PyroGenesis Inc. has been conducting a program on the development of coatings prepared from nanostructured ceramic and cermet materials using atmospheric (APS), vacuum plasma spraying (VPS), and high velocity oxy-fuel spraying (HVOF). In the work presented in this paper, APS and VPS coatings from nanostructured or sub-micron Al2O3- 13TiO2, Cr2O3-5SiO2-3TiO2, and TiO2 feedstock materials were developed and optimized for abrasion wear resistance. They were subsequently tested for sliding wear resistance. The resulting wear properties are discussed in terms of coating microstructure, and compared to those obtained from conventional microstructured feed materials. It is found that the starting powder and the spraying conditions play a major role in the resulting coating characteristics. VPS applied coatings from nanostructured powder were found to generally offer the best performance, most notably under sliding wear conditions.

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