The advantage of cored wires, a new type of material in thermal spraying, is that it is easy to control their composition and convenient to develop new materials. This research is aimed at developing the Fe-Cr-Ni austenitic stainless steel corrosion-resistance thermal-sprayed cored wires with rare earth elements added. The experiments are conducted with arc spraying. The anodic polarization curves of the sprayed coatings of the developed wires and of the 1Cr18Ni9 solid wire are drawn by using MODEL 351 corrosion measuring system in the 0.5mol/L sulfuric and 3.5wt.% sodium chloride solution at a temperature of 20° C . For the sake of comparison, the substrate and the 18-8 wrought stainless steel are also measured. Results to date indicate good usability of thermal sprayed coatings in all the developed wires. Owing to added rare earth elements, the corrosion-resistance of coatings increases in the 0.5mol/L sulfuric solution. The wires with RE-3 added have exhibited good corrosion-resistance. Deterioration of the corrosion-resistance in the 3.5wt.% sodium chloride solution is caused by generation of crevices and inclusions between the deposited particles.

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