The paper deals with wear properties of various advanced oxide ceramic coatings deposited by plasma and HVOF spray processes. Several types of ceramic oxide coatings on the base of Al2O3, Cr2O3 and TiO2 are studied in the work. The coatings are characterised by their wear properties in slurry abrasion wear test with fine abrasives (kaolin) and in dry abrasion conditions with coarse abrasives (quartz sand). The surfaces of the wear tested coatings were studied by SEM. The results show that coatings with high homogeneity and minor porosity, especially HVOF sprayed and some plasma sprayed coatings perform extremely well in both of the wear tests used in the study. In the test with hard abrasive and high load, the coatings with lower interlamellar strengths seem to be more prone to wear than coatings with higher homogeneity, e.g. HVOF sprayed oxide ceramic coatings. The results can be explained on basis of type of the coating material and the coating microstructure.

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