The aim of this paper is the optimization of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) particle injection in a supersonic induction plasma torch to improve the reproducibility of this plasma deposition process. Indeed, the optimization is necessary to eradicate clogging in the supersonic nozzle due to the constriction of the nozzle. Investigations of the relationships between the parameters of particle’injection and the in-flight properties of the particles are carried out using an ANOVA experiment design. The in-flight particle properties were determined using two commercial systems, the DPV 2000 associated with the CPS 2000 (temperature, velocity and diameter of in-flight cold particles) and the Control Vision system (divergence of plasma jet imagery). First results have shown the necessity of a new design of the injection probe; development that allowed to reach a good reproducibility in terms of particle velocity and molten state.

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