In recent years, polymers have grown successfully in industrial applications such as protection against corrosion, chemical or wear resistance. However, the use of these materials is often limited because of their poor abrasion resistance. For example, PTFE is certainly a polymer that has the most attractive properties such as low coefficient of friction but it is characterized by a very low scratch resistance. These restrictions can be overcome by use of composite structure. This way, mechanical resistance can be then provided by ceramic materials. As a result, this study is devoted to feasibility of ceramic – fluoropolymer composite coatings by plasma spraying. Two types of organic powder (PTFE and PFA) and that of alumina powder were chosen. Blends of these compounds were then sprayed. Owing to thermal properties of both materials, specific spray parameters must be optimized. Two varied parameters were picked up (spraying distance and plasma gas mixture) and their effects on the coating quality were estimated by several types of characterization (morphology, polymer rate, roughness…).

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