For the application as a thermal barrier coating (TBC) the partially stabilized zirconia approaches some limits of performance, which hardly can be overcome in the near future. To further enhance the efficiency of gas turbines, higher temperature and a longer lifetime of the coating are needed for the next generation of TBC´s. This paper presents the development of new materials and concepts for application as TBC. Materials such as compositions with pyrochlore structure or doped zirconias are compared with new concepts like nanolayer between top- and bondcoat, metal-glass composites and double layer structures. One concept is to use new compositions in a combination with zirconia, as a double, multi or graded layer coating. In this case the benefits of zirconia will be combined with the promising properties of the new top-coating. For the concept of metal glass composites the influences of different plasma spraying processes on the microstructure are described. The quality of these coating systems are evaluated by a burner rig test.

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