To clarify the formation micromechanism of plasma spray deposits, internal microstructures have been examined by transmission electron microscopy on the thin films prepared from different depths of the plasma sprayed Al2O3 deposits. Microstructures in the top layer have consisted of both the coarse grains of 1 µm and the fine ones of 0.2 µm in average diameter. Point defects were contained mostly in γ phase grains. In the mid-layer, columnar structures often developed in parallel or in radial directions which adjoined with γ phase grains. From the SAD analyses, columnar grains were identified as α phase and lay in a twin crystal orientation relationship to each other between the joined grains. The bottom layer was composed of a mixture of the coarse grains of 0.2 µm and the fine ones of 0.02 µmin average grain diameter. It was found that the spray deposit was composed of different microstructures in crystallization, depending on depth to the thickness direction of the spray deposit.

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