The development of amorphous and nanocrystalline materials took a significant part in search on materials these last years. Indeed, the magnetic, chemical and mechanic properties of materials are greatly modified when the size of crystallites becomes nanometric. The absence of crystal structure involves a macroscopic behaviour of the alloy, which is completely different from the same alloy in a polycrystalline state, particularly magnetic and mechanical properties. We have carried out coatings by APS plasma thermal spraying on a copper substrate using three types of powders, FeB (17,5% wt-B), FeSi (6,5% wt-Si) and FeNb (67,2% wt-Nb). Structure of these coatings was characterized by SEM and X-rays. We have also tested the magnetic properties of these deposits. Results obtained showed that the FeNb alloys are amagnetic with a partially amorphous structure, however FeSi and FeB alloys presented a microcrystalline structure with soft magnetic properties.

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