Thermally sprayed ceramic coating consists generally of porosity up to over ten percent. The existence of voids in the coating will degrade mechanical performance and corrosion resistance. The infiltration technique has been used to enhance the coating performance. In the present work, the adhesives of high strength are used as infiltrator for plasma sprayed alumina coatings to investigate the effect of the infiltration on the adhesive strength and erosion resistance. The adhesive strength of coating after infiltration is tested following ASTM-C-633 standard with the same adhesive. The commercial adhesives used are liquid types of adhesives. Alumina coatings are deposited by plasma spraying to a thickness about 500ìm. The adhesive strength of as-sprayed coating was tested using another epoxy resin adhesive. The test pieces are prepared without infiltration of adhesive into the coating. The results revealed that the infiltration of adhesive to alumina coating can improve significantly the adhesive strength and erosion resistance. The adhesive strength from 40 to 55 MPa can be obtained in spite of deposition conditions. The erosion resistance of the coating at 90 degrees can be improved by a factor about 3.

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