A two-color imaging pyrometer system is employed to examine twin wire arc spray gun used in Spray Tooling Process. Key aspects analyzed in this study include particle temperature, particle velocity, and particle distribution. The influence of process parameters such as gas flow rate, type of gas (N2, and air), voltage and current, as well as, spray cap design has been studied. Influence of a super atomizer called the arc jet has also been investigated. The measurements were taken at 80 mm, 160 mm and 200 mm from the gun tip. Finally, the influence of the material on the spray characteristics has been examined. The material list includes 0.8% carbon steel, 0.8% Carbon steel with B, stainless steel, Molybdenum, Ni, Ni-Al and Copper. The type of gas used for atomization significantly influences the particle temperature and velocity. Lowest temperature is observed with nitrogen gas and the highest temperature with the arc jet. Arc jet also produced particles with significantly higher velocity. The flow rate did influence the particle velocity where as temperature wasn’t affected noticeably. The wire material has considerable impact on the particle temperature and velocity. Lower melting point alloys showed higher temperature whereas the velocity has complex dependence on the density and viscosity of the material. Cap type affects the temperature and velocity of the particle. As cap opening increases the temperature and velocity decrease.

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