In this paper, five carbide cermet coatings designed to protect steel surfaces against erosion-corrosion are applied to low carbon steel by high velocity oxy-fuel thermal spraying process. The elevated temperature erosion behavior of these coatings eroded by over fifteen bed ashes from different coal-fired boilers is determined in laboratory tests. Tests are carried out on a nozzle type elevated temperature erosion tester. The coatings included HVOF chromium carbide cermet system and WC, WC-chromium carbide cermet system coatings. 1018 low carbon steel and one arc-sprayed iron base coating are also tested for references. The relationship between coating composition, morphology, and the erosion wastage is determined, and also the role of the ratio of hardness of the erodent particles to the coating hardness in the elevated temperature erosion behavior of the coatings is investigated. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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