It is shown that thermal spray techniques with an additional thermal treatment is suitable technique for joining or for defect refilling of metal components. Joining and defect refilling processes are based on applying multiple spraying and fusion welding techniques. Melting process of sprayed coatings was realised by thermal post treatment or coating preheating. For applying the material, atmospheric spray techniques such as powder flame-, arc- and plasma spraying methods were used. Spray and heat treatment processes were conducted without flux in air atmosphere. Different iron-, copper- and aluminium alloys were joined and refilled. Filler materials for Fe-based alloys were NiBSi-alloys, for Cu-based alloys materials were CuP-alloy and for Al based alloys ZnAl rare earth alloy. To characterise coatings constitution, optical and scanning electron microscopy with EDX-analysis was applied. Structure of coatings was described using X-ray examinations. Coatings tensile strength was also determined. Within this paper some different specimen geometries were investigated. Paper text in German.

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