This paper aims to analyse the tribological behaviour of the nickel-graphite and aluminum-silicon-polyester thermal sprayed coatings and to clarify the effect of the non-metallic compound in the lubricating behaviour of the coatings. Aluminum-silicon-polyester powder with a particles size comprised between 125 and 11 picometre and nickel-graphite powder with a particle size comprised between 90 and 30 picometre were selected to prepare the self-lubricated coatings. Self-lubricating coatings composites based on metallic matrix and ceramic or polymeric filler phase could be employed in certain applications providing good reliability, high wear resistance, stability at moderated or even at high temperature and moderated cost. In the nickel-graphite coating, porosity is mainly located in the matrix-graphite interface due to the low adaptability of the graphite on the previously deposited coating. The results suggest promising properties for the nickel-graphite layer and could replace some lubricant based systems. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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