This paper provides a short summary of the different concepts related to the structure and preparation of titanium carbide (TiC)-containing wettable powders that could be found in the literature. Empirical composite developments of TiC-containing materials for coating applications are not suitable for fully describing the technical potential of these composites. TiC-containing layers can complete the range of thermal coating solutions based on tungsten carbide and chromium carbide. The development of TiC-based powders that are better than the prior state of the art is the result of a long-term process producing permanent improvements. The processability of different TiC-based powders from alloying steps one and two was tested with various high velocity oxygen fuel installations and different fuel gases. TiC-based coatings offer special advantages through tailoring of the composition to suit requirements in applications in which complex stress profiles exist. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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