This paper aims to characterise the response of chromium carbide-based alloy-nickel base alloy thermal spray coatings under erosion-oxidation conditions. Chromium carbide-based alloy-nickel base alloy coatings have been extensively applied to components subject to combined erosion and high temperature corrosion. As a first step in understanding the mechanisms behind such behaviour the transient oxidation responses of coating-only samples were assessed under isothermal conditions between 700-900 deg C. The influence of splat microstructure and compositional degradation on this response was considered by examining coatings produced by HVAF and high-speed flame spraying techniques. It was found that compositional degradation during the coating plays a lesser role in the observed, unsteady oxidation. The influence of spray technique on compositional variation is thought to have played a lesser role in dictating the initial oxidation response. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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