This paper compares the corrosion resistance of WC-10Co-4Cr layers, which were produced by means of the y high-velocity oxygen-fueled (HVOF) method and the electrolytic hard chrome (EHC) plating process, whereby two test methods were used: salt spray test according to ASTM B117 and electrochemical measurements in salt water. The test bodies consisted of HVOF samples, EHC samples, and two low alloy steel substrate materials, namely AerMet 100 and 300M. The corrosion resistance of the layer systems is determined in accordance with ASTM B537 in the salt spray tests and by polarization-voltage printouts in the electrochemical investigations. After the end of the test, a metallographic evaluation is carried out to understand the failure mechanisms. The following parameters are discussed: the HVOF spray parameters, the corrosion test results according to ASTM B117, the electrochemical measurement results, and the metallographic findings. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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